About Directrix Rain

The Concept
Directrix Rain is an ASCII-based RPG adventure influenced by classics such as Rogue and Zork. It is a cross-genre melding of all the best exploration and combat of roguelikes with the puzzle-solving and deep interaction of text-based adventures, written in C. It is also in extremely early pre-alpha. But it'll be good. Oh, yes, it will be good. You just wait.

The Features
Directrix is just a tad light on features at the moment, but hey, it's version 0.01. Current features include:
- a nice menu screen
- creating a customized character
- saving said character
- not being able to load said character
- walking around a dungeon that doesn't make any sense

Soon to come we will be eliminating that fourth one and implementing a combat system. A bit further down the road will come skills, both combat- and conversation-oriented.

The Developers
ajutla, who comes first both alphabetically and chronologically, is the closest thing Directrix Rain has to a founder.

unholysauce, who really can't think of a good way to describe himself at the moment, is really more of a structure guy than a content guy.

Directrix Rain started as the Sourceforge project Arachne. It was originally coded by a guy named Greg, but when he was unable to continue work on it ajutla took over. At this point the code was written in perl. At some point thereafter, ajutla recruited unholysauce to co-develop the project. Their progress, however, was somewhat hampered by the fact that ajutla's knowledge of perl was somewhat rudimentary, and unholysauce's knowledge of perl consisted only of stuff that looked like C/++. It was only a few versions before they decided to convert the entire project to C, and convert they did. Directrix split off from Arachne due to a difference in vision between its original creator (the Greg guy) and its current developers, and the rest is history. That's why this paragraph was written in the past tense.