Directrix Rain

An actual new release | ajutla | 4-11-2004 12:12 am
Directrix Rain 0.02 is out. It's on the project page. You should get it. Suffice it to say that 0.02 has an actual combat engine, or at least the rudimentary beginnings of one. That's a good thing, I think. I would, at this point, carry on with my typical overly-verbose and utterly useless rambling, but right now I'm tired. Ha! I'm "combat"ing sleep! Ha! Ha! I am so funny! Yes. Well. I think I'll shut up now.

Posting news for the sake of posting news | ajutla | 21-8-2004 12:45 pm
It's interesting how this has been posted more or less exactly twelve hours after the last news update. Perhaps this betrays the presence of some sort of conspiracy of vast proportions. Maybe. Anyway, yeah, the web site is now functional. I mean, you can click on all of the links to the left and all of them will go somewhere. You can run this through the W3C validator and it comes out totally standards-compliant, et cetera, et cetera. On the Sourceforge page, we've got everything set up--Trove categorizations, PR-speak descriptions, everything. There is even a lengthy news item there that involves the Directrix Rain 0.01 release (which officially came out the day before yesterday but no one knew about it then. Actually, no one knows about it now, either, so what I'm saying makes no sense.) We have, in short, gotten all of the fun preliminary stuff out of the way and now probably need to work on Drain version 0.02, which will come out approximately whenever we feel like it.

The web page is up. I'm on fire | unholysauce | 21-8-2004 12:33 am
And so, on midnight 21-08-2004, for which I put the day first because it makes more sense, and which I included in my opening sentence because I haven't decided how I'm going to incorporate dates into these posts anyway, the Directrix Rain web page was launched, or at least sort of bodily hurtled. The navbar is basically non-functional, making the site as a whole useless, but I just wanted to get this up so that I didn't have to think about it anymore.

The list of site links is to the left. "Index" links back to this page. It's useless while you're here, but will come in handy when you're on the about page and want to get back here. And the about page will exist pretty soon, too. It will contain information about the project, a FAQ once we get some FAQs, and information about the project developers - myself and ajutla. "Project" links you to our main project page on sourceforge. The information on that page is laid out in a somewhat unreadable format if you're unfamiliar with that sort of thing, but it contains news and such that I haven't brought to the main page yet. "Download", amazingly, links to the Sourceforge-hosted download of Directrix Rain. It contains source and a Windows executable. Lastly, the SF logo at the top links to Sourceforge's main page. They tell you to put it on all your pages, so there it is.

All of this is fairly obvious but having a fair amount of text on the page makes it look nice.